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Sometimes a tune pops up that is a prime example of how rock/alternative elements can be folded into an Electro/House format and become a phenomenally good track. Hadouken! is a group from the UK that makes some fantastically catchy tunes. If you haven’t heard them yet, I’d suggest you get familiar with them, starting with the tune below; Mic Check. Read More »


Sorry it’s been a while, been very busy with very many things! Read More »

I know it’s months away…but this is the sort of thing that you plan ahead for. Ultraviolet II Music Festival is gonna be massive and epic. Top-Notch sound system, camping at Maddox Ranch, killer DJs, and crazy glow in the dark (or under the blacklight) awesomeness. Read More »

For some reason these guys aren’t really well known at all in my area…no one knows of them, but when they hear it they like it! They’re a huge mix of things from electro, trance, D&B, dubstep, metal, punk, and more.

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Feed Me (aka Spor) is a rather productive artist…constantly releasing something or another under one of the artist names…Feed Me being Electro, House, and Dubstep sort of things, and Spor being bonkers D&B tunes.

Feed Me has been getting a ton of recognition lately with some killer releases and remixes, one of which stands out to me above the rest (though they’re mind blowing as well)…his remix of Muse‘s track Knights of Cydonia.

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I have a treat for you guys today…ever heard of Phorcys? My guess is no. I came across the one release he’s on that’s widely available by chance on Beatport, and as soon as I heard it I had to know more about and hear more from this guy. Phorcys has a distinct, slightly manic, quirky sound that’s downright infectious. Dabbles in all sorts of music it seems as well.

If I had to bet, I’d say Phorcys will have many releases to come (and if the world is fair, be a household name in electronica). It’s artists like this that make me love this music so much. Read More »

For those of you that are local in St. Petersburg, I am organizing a free, all ages D&B/Breaks/Dubstep event downtown at Cafe Bohemia!
If all goes well, it won’t be the only one!

Introducing: Decibel Nation Broadcast No. 1
Showcasing some top-quality local DJs spinning purely for the love of the music and for you!

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It’s been all electronic up till now…but I wanted to share one of my all time favorite Metal tunes. Hailing from Norway, it’s Keep of Kalessin!

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Ok, sorry about the breaks there…I got a treat for you tho, a buddy of mine that goes by the name of Spew Hefner is releasing a tune he did (with a little help from Tuff Love Dubs & Force Recordings founder CLRH20) for free! Read More »

I’m posting this from my phone, sorry for dropping the ball on updates already, been mad busy! Got an event organized for 20th of August, I’ll have a full post on that soon! New tune getting released on Live & Dangerous Recs on the 15th of August, so it looks like it’ll be a busy month! Also hopefully gonna be spinning at Sub Sonic Saturdays very sun in Ybor, so keep an eye out 😉

More posts soon, I promise.